Audio Drifts

Kilmahew Audio Drift No.1
Kilmahew Audio Drift No.1 is a sound work designed to be listened to on a portable MP3 player whilst walking around the former Kilmahew estate. It was produced in 2012 by Michael Gallagher, working with volunteer members of the local heritage group and the local landscape & conservation group, based on research for The Invisible College relating to Kilmahew woodlands, the historic grounds and St. Peter’s Seminary.

To download the audio drift, please click HERE

The audio drift should start downloading to your computer automatically. This may take some time as the file is large. You can then transfer it onto your MP3 player. The file is called ‘Kilmahew-Audio-Drift-No1.mp3’

Download the accompanying site map in size A4 HERE
Download the accompanying site map in size A3 HERE

Ali Jardine listening to Audio Drift No.1 (Ally Jardine listening to Audio Drift No.1)

IMPORTANT: if you visit Kilmahew, please be aware that:

• The ruined buildings on the site are unsafe and we strongly recommend that you do not enter them. The seminary ruin has many physical hazards and a recent survey has found dangerous levels of asbestos.
• The site is overgrown and tends to be wet and muddy. We recommend you wear strong walking boots or wellies and take waterproof clothing. There are no toilets or other facilities at the site.
• You visit Kilmahew at your own risk. Neither NVA, nor the University of Glasgow, nor any of the researchers involved with the project, will take any responsibility for injury or accident suffered at the site.

We would be interested to hear any feedback you have about the audio drift, positive or negative. Please use the 2 page feedback form below or email your comments to:

For more information about the audio drift, please download our FAQs HERE. ______________________________________________________________________

Thanks to:

• the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC), for funding the research
• Ally Jardine for his work carrying out oral history interviews
• all the interviewees, volunteers from the heritage group and Landscape & Conservation group, workshop participants, for sharing their stories, memories and ideas
• Neil Simpson, for help with the ending

The audio drift includes an excerpt of music from Equalised #005 side B.